How To Choose Audio Systems

How To Choose Audio Systems

We have to think that there are many available products that are directly addressed to our requirements right now, and the choice is not easy. For example, we can replace the old radio in the kitchen with a mini MP3 sound system, not that we need to have MP3s in the kitchen but it would be an elegant way to get rid of the music that the mother in the living room listens to when cooking .For a wise choice of perfect sound, we have to consider the place where we will use the sound system, yet in the bathroom we can not put a 5.1 sound system, it really does not make sense, of course unless we have a jacuzzi, not a but in this situation things get a little more complicated.

It’s still talking about 5.1 or Home Cinema systems(alpine) right now, but what does that mean and what does it use? For a nice viewing of a movie, it’s clear that a stereo system (2.0) is great, the sound follows the picture, and if the character is on the left side and says something, the voice is also heard on the left. The Home Cinema System is the “big brother” of the stereo system, it does not divide the sound just left and right but also back and front.

What to do if we want to listen to music in the garden or the forest? If we are in our own garden and want to listen to some music, the dirty solution is a power amplifier, it can give us the desired sound in open areas. The proximity of the home allows it to be fed with the corresponding speaker set. Since the sound propagates otherwise in open space than in a room, the power of an amplifier(audiocom) needs to be higher if we want to use it outside.

But we can also opt for a Boom Box that we can hold next to us, the disadvantage of which is the battery autonomy. In the case of a mountain or forest escape, Boom Box or a mini cassette recorder is the perfect choice, but it is no less true that we can be selfish and opt for a portable headset player.

If we are looking for a superior sound quality, we must opt for a professional amplifier. The difference between a normal amplifier and a professional amplifier is given by the level of distortions produced, an example being the background noise of some amplifiers(dab adapter) at the moment of operation, which is quite disturbing, especially at a lower volume.A professional amplifier has no background noise and has a higher frequency response, a normal amplifier(dab radio) may not be able to cover the whole signal line, resulting in poor sound quality or lack of frequency beats. For such an amplifier, performance speakers are required, as some weaker models can not play back the bandwidth of the signal received from the amplifier.

Considering the vastness of market-based sound systems offers, the only important thing is knowing what we want and how we want to use it.