Which UK botanical gardens offer workshops on medicinal plants?

Immerse yourselves in the lush greenery of the UK's botanical gardens, while also learning about the rich medicinal history of plants. Several universities, botanical gardens, and artists have joined forces to provide educational courses on medicinal plants. Continue reading to discover which gardens will offer you this unique opportunity.

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

At the forefront of this botanical initiative is the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London. Offering a variety of medicinal plant workshops and courses, Kew prides itself on its efforts to educate the public about the significance of botanical life.

The Kew’s Medicinal Plant Introduction Course is a flagship event that provides an overview of medicinal plants and their uses, delivered by renowned experts in the field. Utilizing Kew's expansive gardens, participants can view and interact with a diverse set of plants. The course also explores the art of botanical illustration, inviting artists to capture the plants' intricate details.

Kew's Medical Plants Identification Course is another standout, which teaches participants how to identify various medicinal plants. This hands-on experience engages attendees with practical sessions of plant identification in Kew's extraordinary gardens.

University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Another establishment offering botanical enlightenment is the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, the oldest in the UK. Known for its medicinal plant collection, this garden provides a unique opportunity for those interested in discovering the healing powers of the plant world.

At Oxford's Botanic Garden, you can attend the Medicinal Plants Course. This course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of how medicinal plants are grown, harvested, and processed. It also covers the ethical considerations of using medicinal plants.

In addition, the Botanical Art Workshop is a popular event that merges the worlds of art and botany. Artists, garden enthusiasts, and plant lovers can take part in this workshop, where they will learn to paint medicinal plants under the guidance of professional artists.

Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

The Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden is another haven for plant lovers. It offers the Medicinal and Poisonous Plant Walk, a guided tour that explores the garden's collection of medicinal and poisonous plants. The walk provides detailed information about each plant's medicinal properties, uses, and potential risks.

Apart from the walk, the Edinburgh garden also hosts the Botanical Illustration Course. This course invites artists and botany enthusiasts to document and illustrate the garden's medicinal plants.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Wales

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Wales is renowned for its exotic plant collection and breathtaking views. The Medicinal Plants Workshop is a popular event here that educates attendees about the various medicinal plants in the garden. Participants will learn how to identify these plants, their historical uses, and modern applications.

The Plant Art Workshop is another event at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Wales. Led by professional artists, attendees will learn to sketch and paint the medicinal plants, capturing their unique features and beauty.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Last but not least is the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, which prides itself on its rich history of medicinal plant cultivation. The garden's Herbal Medicine Course provides an introduction to the world of herbal medicine, where participants learn about different medicinal herbs and their uses.

The Chelsea Physic Garden also hosts the Botanical Art Workshop. This workshop is perfect for artists and plant enthusiasts who want to delve into the art of botanical drawing. The classes are tailored to suit all levels of artistic ability and provide an immersive experience for all attendees.

In conclusion, botanical gardens across the UK are providing wonderful opportunities for you to explore the world of medicinal plants through workshops and courses. From the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London to the Chelsea Physic Garden, there are countless opportunities to step into the world of botanical arts and science.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Not far behind in this botanical endeavour is the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, a cherished landmark famed for its diverse plant collection. This garden serves as an educational hub, educating visitors about the rich history of medicinal plants.

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens hosts the Plant Names and Classification Workshop. This comprehensive workshop demystifies the complex world of plant nomenclature, helping attendees understand how plants are named and classified. In addition to theoretical knowledge, participants also gain practical experience in identifying different plants within the garden's extensive collection.

Another highlight is the Medicinal Garden Tour. Guided by expert botanists, this tour walks participants through the garden's medicinal plant section. Attendees are introduced to the therapeutic uses of various plants, along with insightful historical facts. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in herbal medicine or simply wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of medicinal plants.

Eden Project

The Eden Project, a unique botanical haven located in Cornwall, offers an immersive journey into the world of medicinal plants. This iconic biomes project houses a multitude of plant species, including an impressive collection of medicinal plants.

The Eden Project Medicinal Plants Course is an interactive course that delves deep into the therapeutic properties of plants. From cultivation techniques to ethical issues surrounding medicinal plant usage, this course covers it all.

In addition to the medicinal plant course, the Eden Project also hosts botanical art exhibitions. Showcasing the works of various botanical artists, these exhibitions provide an artistic interpretation of medicinal plants. Whether you're an artist, a botany enthusiast, or simply a visitor, these exhibitions offer a unique perspective on the world of medicinal plants.


From the picturesque landscapes of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Wales, the historical richness of the Chelsea Physic Garden, to the futuristic biomes of the Eden Project, every botanical garden in the UK offers a unique exploration of medicinal plants. These workshops and tours not only offer a wealth of knowledge but also provide an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of these gardens. So, whether you're interested in botanical art, plant classification or the therapeutic uses of plants, there's a garden waiting to welcome you. Let's celebrate the union of nature and learning by stepping into the world of botanical gardens and medicinal plants.