What are the top 5 family-friendly activities on a Liverpool city cruise?

As you prepare for your next family adventure, Liverpool beckons with an irresistible allure. The city, steeped in history and brimming with rich culture and art, is a thrilling destination for all members of the family. And what better way to experience Liverpool than from the vantage point of a city cruise? A day on the river will provide you with an unparalleled view of the city and its attractions, a unique perspective that you and your children will cherish.

However, the fun doesn't stop at the cruise. Liverpool is replete with family-friendly activities that will ensure a memorable visit. From exploring the city centre's bustling streets to delving into Beatles history, Liverpool has something for everyone. But where to start? We've compiled a list of the top five family-friendly activities you can enjoy while on a Liverpool city cruise.

Visit the World Museum

Your first port of call should be the World Museum, a treasure trove of knowledge and fun for both children and adults. The museum's vast collection spans natural history, archaeology, and world cultures, offering an exciting educational experience for the family. Their bug house, filled with all kind of creepy-crawlies, is a favourite among the younger visitors. Your kids will also get a chance to gaze at the stars in the planetarium, and experience the wonder of the underwater world in the aquarium. Even better, entry to the museum is free, making it a must-visit while exploring Liverpool.

Take a Stroll in Sefton Park

After the excitement of the museum, you might be looking for a change of pace. Sefton Park, one of Liverpool's largest parks, is the perfect spot for this. The park offers a beautiful, tranquil environment where the family can unwind. There are plenty of activities for children, including a large playground, a boating lake, and an aviary with a variety of birds. Don't forget to visit the Palm House, a Victorian glasshouse that hosts many exotic plants.

Explore the Beatles Story

The Beatles are synonymous with Liverpool, and there's no better place to immerse yourself in their history than at the Beatles Story. This immersive museum will take you on a magical history tour, charting the rise of the Beatles, from their humble beginnings in Liverpool to their global stardom. With fun interactive exhibits and an audio guide narrated by John Lennon's sister, the Beatles Story is an experience that will fascinate the entire family.

Discover the Albert Dock

The Albert Dock is at the heart of Liverpool’s waterfront and is a vibrant place to visit. It houses several family-friendly attractions, including the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. Not to mention, the dock is also home to numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes where you can unwind and enjoy the view of the river. Your children will enjoy watching the boats go by while you soak in the Victorian architecture.

Enjoy the Tate Liverpool

Last on our list but by no means least is the Tate Liverpool. This art museum, located at the Albert Dock, introduces children to contemporary and modern art in a fun and engaging way. Various interactive displays, workshops and activities are specially designed for kids, making art enjoyable and accessible. The Tate Liverpool is an excellent way to round off your day of family fun in Liverpool.

Indeed, Liverpool is a city that captures the imagination and leaves lasting memories. From its rich history and culture to the fun and excitement of family-friendly activities, there's no doubt that you and your family will have a time to remember. So, embark on a city cruise and discover the many treasures Liverpool has to offer.

Experience the River Explorer Cruise

A perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Liverpool city is by hopping on the River Explorer Cruise. As the name suggests, this cruise gives a comprehensive tour of the city, covering all major landmarks. Departing from the ferry terminal, the cruise takes you along the famed Mersey River, offering stunning views of the Liverpool skyline and the waterfront.

During the cruise, the family can learn about the rich maritime history of Liverpool through the informative commentary provided on-board. This exciting journey is not just a sightseeing tour, but a journey through time. From the royal Albert Dock to the modern Liverpool One, the cruise offers a unique perspective on the city’s historic and contemporary architectural gems.

What makes the River Explorer Cruise even more appealing for families is the presence of on-board facilities catering to all age groups. While the adults enjoy the panoramic views, the children can be kept entertained with various interactive activities. The cruise even offers a stop at Sefton Park, allowing the family to disembark and enjoy the park before boarding the next ferry.

Get Musical at the British Music Experience

Liverpool is known worldwide for its contribution to music, and the British Music Experience is a testament to that. Located in the iconic Cunard Building, this interactive museum offers an exciting journey through the history of British music.

Your kids will love the chance to play real instruments, while the adults can enjoy the nostalgia of seeing memorabilia from their favourite British bands. The museum covers all genres, from rock and roll to pop and punk, ensuring there's something for every music lover.

To make the experience even more special, the museum offers workshops and live performances. It's a great opportunity to introduce your kids to the rich heritage of British music. Don't miss the chance to see iconic outfits worn by artists like the Spice Girls, Oasis, and of course, The Beatles.


Liverpool offers a diverse range of family-friendly activities, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled family vacation. Whether you choose to explore the city on a River Explorer Cruise, immerse yourself in the magic of the Beatles Story, learn about world cultures at the World Museum, or simply enjoy the tranquil beauty of Sefton Park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

As you plan your visit to Liverpool, remember to include these top five activities in your itinerary. They offer a combination of education, entertainment, and excitement that will make your visit to Liverpool a memorable one. So, pack your bags and set sail for an unforgettable family adventure in Liverpool.